How to Discern Between Good Ideas and God Ideas

God Inspired Visions Lead Back to God not to us. Never Lose Sight of Your Dependence on God. Do Not Step Out On Your Own Strength. Be Locked Into Your Source of Strength(God). Vision Supported By Faith Our Faith Should Fuel Our Vision Never Lose Sight of Who Should...

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Clearly Defined – Knowing the Whole Plan

There is DISTINCT value in knowing the entire plan before embarking on a new project. It is commonly held as foolish to start on a project without knowing the entire plan. Certain questions, important questions need to be answered before setting out to complete the...

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3 Misconceptions of Missionaries

What if I told you that your definition of a missionary could be completely off? The view held by the majority of Christians today about missionaries is false. The misconceptions held by the Christian church prevents them from being truly impactful for the Kingdom of...

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What is Holding You Back?

Often when we hear the phrase, "what's holding you back?" We might think of our pride or our unwillingness to let go of something. The idea of something or someone keeping us from achieving our dreams should get our blood boiling. What we often fail to see is that...

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Uniquely Equipped

It is interesting to see how God seems to put together just the right combination of desire, experiences, and talents when selecting someone to fill a need.  It is equally as interesting to note that God rarely calls these individuals when they are all ready to go....

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Minimal Acrobatics

A new trend in the application community is interaction between apps. What exactly is that you say? Well, in code speak it could be called callbacks. As the app community evolves and matures developers find new ways to make apps more useful. As an app developer, you...

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