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My name is Craig Booker. My skills and experience are wide spread. I have a passion for finding ways to do things better. I love solving problems and helping people. I believe I am called to mentor others in various areas. I crave information. I read a lot of books. I listen to podcasts and read articles. I believe I am also called to encourage others. Part of how I live this out is through writing and mentoring. I create solutions to problems. This can be through an iOS or Mac App or through a web site. Whatever is best suited to achieve the goal at hand.



I code because I love to create. I code because I love finding solutions to enrich my life and the lives of others. I spent a good 5 years as a web developer building web sites and web-based solutions. I now focus on finding ways to use code to solve problems. I enjoy Objective-C(iOS development) and mobile devices. I have experience in Javascript, JQuery, and HTML5. I do dabble in a few other languages. I am learning Ruby and WordPress a little at a time.


I do not consider myself a designer. I have a knack for knowing what good design is and envisioning ideas, but I am not the best at using design tools like Photoshop. I can create ideas in my mind and sketch them, but then I usually find others whose skills are better suited for design work to create my vision. I want to use my time doing what I am best at.


I am passionate about developing myself and others. I desire to help those who need guidance and encouragement in facing challenges with life/career direction. I spent part of my life as a recruiter. I interviewed people for various positions in manual labor and office positions. I have also been on the other side of the table. I spent a good time struggling to find what I wanted to do with my skills and abilities. This resulted in experience with the interview process from the job-seeker side. I have also had the experience of being unemployed and going through the unemployment benefit system. All of this to say I know how to help others differentiate themselves to achieve their career and life goals.


I have never really considered myself a writer. That is until I began to write for the love of writing. I excelled in English in school and didn’t know what to do with it. Writing has always been easier for me than speaking. I am currently in beta as a writer. Learning to be disciplined in my writing. I blog here and on a few other sites you can find under my projects section.

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