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The Problem With Vacuum Cleaners

So, you might be wondering why I would write about such a mundane topic of vacuum cleaners. Well, believe it or not a vacuum cleaner is an important part of our lives. When it comes to choosing a vacuum cleaner, the best choice is not always clear.

Re: Everything Wrong With The Apple Universe

So Stephen Hackett of linked to an interesting article which I think is worth visiting.


His link post points to an article on, by  which points toward a trend which is outdated.  The need for each release or iteration of a smartphone to have a “killer feature” is over.  Now I am not saying Apple, Samsung and the like will no longer need to innovate.  I am just stating that the need for a killer feature to sell iPhones is no longer needed.  Apple is known for releasing solid, innovative products which often change the industry.  The truth of the matter is smartphones have reached a point of being good enough.

Mindset and Perspective: Living With An Innovator

Husband and Wife Holding Hands

As innovators and entrepreneurs we seem to miss out on one of the things we need most. We read endless books, attend seminars to learn of the latest and greatest methodologies, but still miss it. Innovators are a certain type of person who believes they can make a dent in this world we live in. Often described as independent, bold, creative creatures. With all of these brilliant qualities and characteristics this type of personality still misses it and often ignore a key relationship.  In our entrepreneurial mindset quickly forgetting the vow we made before God and family.

Standing high on our perches overlooking the future as if it is closely within reach. As believers in The Way, we seek the counsel of a mighty God. Patting others on the back encouraging them throughout our days is normal behavior. We work diligently at our task looking at all angles keenly focused on what’s ahead and what steps must be taken to get there.  Often forgetting about the importance of those closest to us, our spouse.

We do all this without the slightest thought to one of our greatest resources, our spouse. The spouse of such a person can make us into the person we seek to be. They can give us the encouragement and perspective to take us to the finish line. We easily forget we are but one piece of God’s plan.  Check out a great series on marriage, From This Day Forward.

I write this as not some grand revelation or spark of brilliance. I write this as a reminder to those of us who fit this specification. I write this as much for myself as for others. I write this to honor and hold high my spouse and best friend. Do not lose sight of your importance as the spouse of such a dreamer. It took me ten years to figure out who God made me to be. You stuck it out through all types of trials and victories never questioning or calling attention to how insane it is sometimes to live with such a person. Your loyalty and support cannot be described. May I never lose sight of this nor neglect you in the pursuit of making my dent in this world.



Check out these resources for how to improve your marriage.

My Commitment To Writing – I Know My Blog is Ugly

I know what you are thinking….this guy’s site is ugly! You are correct and here’s why I am okay with that. I have been blogging for less than a year and I have struggled to be consistent. There are a lot of things to get in the way. We all have them. We have priorities, we have lives to live. I have let the cosmetic part of my site go as a commitment to writing more often. I have discovered the idea of mental clutter. Worrying about the way my site looks has added too much mental clutter for me. So much so, that it has prevented me from writing consistently.

So, I have decided to allow the cosmetic part of my blog to suffer in an effort to get more writing done. I did not create a blog just to have a pretty site or to say I have a site. I created a blog to write. If the looks of my blog are getting in the way of my writing I must cut it off for now. So to say, please excuse the mess would be an understatement.

I know what good design is and I do appreciate it. I will eventually get to making things look better, but for now I am focused on writing.

Unseen Obstacles

The other day I was getting my morning medicine. I open the bottle to get a vitamin and there was this big white ball of cotton. I fought and fought trying to get a vitamin out of the bottle. I pushed the cotton to the side and shook the bottle trying to get to my vitamin. Finally after pushing and reaching my fingers in the bottle I got the vitamin I was seeking. I then put the cap back on and took my medicine.

The next day I went through the same process. Shook the bottle, reaching with the fingers, etc. I have been doing this same process for weeks. It got me thinking. Why didn’t I remove the cotton ball? Why did I repeat the process? Doing so once is one thing, but I did this for a few weeks. I believe I might be doing something similar in my life. The cotton ball was not bad, it had a purpose in being there, but it did not serve me by being there.

For most of us, at some point we find something in our lives preventing us from getting to the thing we really are seeking. There is something, someone causing friction in your life in your pursuit of life goals. Do you need to say no to something good to get to the great thing in your life! I believe there are all kinds of obstacles in our lives much like the cotton ball.

What is it in your life you need to remove to make way for what’s really important?