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How to Discern Between Good Ideas and God Ideas

God Inspired Visions Lead Back to God not to us.

Never Lose Sight of Your Dependence on God.

Do Not Step Out On Your Own Strength.

Be Locked Into Your Source of Strength(God).

Vision Supported By Faith

Our Faith Should Fuel Our Vision

Never Lose Sight of Who Should Get the Credit.

Visionary – Committed to what could be and should be in spite of what is going on around you.

Uniquely Equipped

It is interesting to see how God seems to put together just the right combination of desire, experiences, and talents when selecting someone to fill a need.  It is equally as interesting to note that God rarely calls these individuals when they are all ready to go.  You will be hard pressed to find an individual who will be fully developed upon receiving their Chazown from God.  There are many takes on the subject and I won’t dive too deep into it here, but a common phrase comes up regardless of who you speak with.  “God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.” -Unknown Origin.

Is it the least bit surprising that most of the time God does not reveal His entire dream for His children all at one time.  As believers, we seem to want God to lay it all out for us in one nice welcome packet once we become followers of Christ.  It is easy to get discouraged when our path does not seem to be so clearly defined.  As if the first post in the welcome packet would be, “12 Easy Steps to Fulfilling God’s Dream for Your Life.”

As followers we usually figure out how it is not God’s way to give His children every detail up front with a bow on top.  So where do we begin?  Is it reasonable to ask God for any direction?  Should we expect anything up front?  The first step is a relationship with Jesus Christ.  If you do not start there, most, if not all of what I said above will sound crazy.  Here is a link to a set of Bible reading plans which is a great place to start if you are unsure about this whole following Jesus thing.

If you already know Jesus and feel like you know where your relationship with Jesus stands, I encourage you to check out Chazown.

Stay tuned for our next post in this series as we dive deeper into the idea of being Uniquely Equipped.