Continuing to Innovate

For years people have contemplated how Apple, Inc. would fair in the post Steve Jobs era. Apple fans dreaded the thought of their beloved leader moving on. The press, tech community, and many others made their predictions on the status of Apple when that day might...

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Playing the Victim

We've all been there before. Someone we know makes a mistake large or small and the first thing they say is "It isn't my fault ______ made me do it." We all know someone who refuses to own up to their own responsibilities and actions. When under pressure for something...

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Fighting Words

Reading through this chapter, I kept coming to one realization.  Jesus was fasting in the desert for 40 days.  Yes 40 days!  This wasn't a cozy, drink only juice fast or eat only vegetables.  Although there is nothing wrong with that type of fasting, the point is that...

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