About Craig

Hello! My name is Craig Booker. I’m a Writer and Software Developer from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Take a look below to learn more about me.

Craig’s Interests


A love for electronics started while tinkering with electronics when I was young. This love for electronics lead to a love for computers both hardware and software. My love for technology lead me to work at Apple. It was while working at Apple where I would learn techniques to help individuals get the most out of their technology.


My earliest memories of writing are between 2000 and 2001. I wrote off and on for fifteen years before I discovered it was a gift. Writing was always just something I did in my spare time as a form of self-expression. I never considered it as a passion or as a potential career.

Serving Others

While at Apple, I learned about their people-first culture, developing a love of people of all backgrounds and interests. It was while working at Apple that I affirmed many of my ideas on mentoring, leadership, personal development, and customer service.

Personal Growth

I love to learn, I love to encourage others on their journey, and I love to see others grow into the person they are meant to be.

Craig’s Story

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Craig’s Writing

Below are my niche blog sites where I write about my various interests.



A site discussing iOS devices and related technology.


Personal Growth

Breaking down barriers in mentoring and exploring topics in personal growth.​