If Only, I Could...

If Only I Could…

Thinking back to childhood I can remember several times I wanted to be something I was not. I recall seeing friends or classmates who excelled at something, wishing I could only do what comes so natural to them. I remember a friend who was extremely athletic and he could crush it at any sport he chose to participate in. I remember seeing friends who could make friends with anyone or talk to any girl they wish. Their bold ability to walk up and take hold of what they wanted inspired me. After several attempts to play other sports or talk to the girl I admired, I soon realized I was not made like they were. I could play some sports well, but not all. I could talk to some people easily, but not always. I found out the hard way that I was not made like they were. I believe this is a part of finding out who we really are as individuals. It is definitely disappointing to fail, but sometimes that is how we learn who we are and who we are not.

Embracing who God made you to be is one of the most important things you can do to move towards who or what God has called you to be. Often we want to be something we were never meant to be. This is completely normal and is part of the process of realizing our value as human beings. The hard part is accepting who we are and who we are not. I can tell you I am not meant to play pro football. Let me be clear, I possess none, zero of the traits of what makes a successful football player. So does it make any sense for me to try and become an NFL superstar?

I remember a friend who knew just about everyone in high school. If she was not friends with them now, she would be within five minutes of meeting them. She seemed to have friends wherever she went. This is something I admired in her and something that terrified me at the same time. I could make friends, but not at her breakneck speed. It took me time to establish friends. I really wanted to be like her, but I realized quickly that I was not.

Do you ever find yourself watching shows like The Voice or American Idol and wonder how a person never realized they were not cut out to be a singer? How do they not see it or more importantly how can they not hear it? Do these people not have friends or family members who will love them enough to tell them? Or do these people not accept the person they were created to be?

Sometimes it is tough to accept how you are made. If we are honest, the majority of us wish we were made to be like someone else. Of those that went to university or college, few end up using our chosen degree. The tough part about accepting how we are made is acknowledging our strengths and our weaknesses. It is saying what we are good at and what we may never be good at. Leaving a legacy does not happen by accident, it takes focused effort over time. It is for this simple fact we must come to terms with who we are. Who has God made you to be?

"All of us end up somewhere, few of us end up somewhere on purpose." -Craig Groeschel