Mindset and Perspective: Living With An Innovator


Mindset and Perspective

Living With An Innovator

As innovators and entrepreneurs we seem to miss out on one of the things we need most. We read endless books, attend seminars to learn of the latest and greatest methodologies, but still miss it. Innovators are a certain type of person who believes they can make a dent in this world we live in. Often described as independent, bold, creative creatures. With all of these brilliant qualities and characteristics this type of personality still misses it and often ignore a key relationship.  In our entrepreneurial mindset quickly forgetting the vow we made before God and family.

Standing high on our perches overlooking the future as if it is closely within reach. As believers in The Way, we seek the counsel of a mighty God. Patting others on the back encouraging them throughout our days is normal behavior. We work diligently at our task looking at all angles keenly focused on what's ahead and what steps must be taken to get there.  Often forgetting about the importance of those closest to us, our spouse.

We do all this without the slightest thought to one of our greatest resources, our spouse. The spouse of such a person can make us into the person we seek to be. They can give us the encouragement and perspective to take us to the finish line. We easily forget we are but one piece of God's plan.  Check out a great series on marriage, From This Day Forward.

I write this as not some grand revelation or spark of brilliance. I write this as a reminder to those of us who fit this specification. I write this as much for myself as for others. I write this to honor and hold high my spouse and best friend. Do not lose sight of your importance as the spouse of such a dreamer. It took me ten years to figure out who God made me to be. You stuck it out through all types of trials and victories never questioning or calling attention to how insane it is sometimes to live with such a person. Your loyalty and support cannot be described. May I never lose sight of this nor neglect you in the pursuit of making my dent in this world.

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