The Right People on the Bus


The Right People on the Bus

Have you had the feeling you as a leader are working, working, working with seemingly no results. Something just is not right? As the leader of a group, you work your tail off to no avail. You examen and re examen your plan, strategy, etc. You are still puzzled as to why it seems you are spinning your wheels. This has happened to me and I never stopped to think what else could be wrong. I would often find myself staring off into la-la land wondering what to do. I never thought about having the right people to carry out the task at hand.

Recently, I was reading through an audiobook, Good To Great, by Jim Collins and this chapter hit me like a freight train. As I listened, I would say YES, you are correct! This continued on until I finished the end of the chapter. I felt this was something I needed more on, so I started the chapter over again. I listened intently to a message I was dying to hear. You see, I had faced this challenge many times, but never recognized I had the wrong people on the bus.

I have had the privilege and great honor of working on two teams with the right people on the bus. They made all the difference in the world. I loved what I did while I was in those roles. I enjoyed coming to work and enduring long hours, but not because I loved long hours. The work was not the reason either, without the people it would drive most mad. The stress associated with the work would make most people sick. So what was it? Why were these roles so much fun!

As I look back now, after being out of one of those roles for almost a year now it is blatantly clear why I loved my last role so dearly. I worked with the right people. To this day, I miss the people. I do not miss the work, the stress, the long hours. I miss the people.

Have you experienced what it is like to have the right people on the bus? Please share your experience(s).