Photo by Camila Quintero Franco / Unsplash

Many might ask me why I did not or do not just pray for God to “Make It All Go Away.”  This is an completely valid question as it touches on many things besides the fact that if this prayer was answered, the fear/anxiety would all be gone.  On the surface this makes complete sense.  When one starts digging, there are other factors to consider besides what seems so obvious.  There are two things to keep in mind with this prayer, the faith required to pray this and the potential costs of praying this prayer. When examining the faith required to pray this kind of prayer I would consider two things. The amount required means the believer actually believes God can or will do this.  Quite simply, one believes God is capable of answering the prayer. The second part when examining the faith required is one is willing to voice this concern and submit this to God regardless of the outcome.  No matter what the outcome, the faith of the believer is strong enough to handle God’s answer.

My personal struggle was not whether God was or is able to answer the prayer.  I completely believe God is able to do abundantly more than I can ask, think, or imagine.  My struggle lies within the second part of this idea.  If God says No, was my faith in a place to handle His answer.  At the time of this event, I was not at a place where my faith could handle His answer.  My concern was that His answer would cause a crisis of belief when it comes to my faith.

The second thing to think about is the potential costs of praying this prayer.  One might say, Praying is free, what  cost?  I would look beyond financial costs.  What happens if God says No?  Is the faith of the believer strong enough to handle this answer?  If one values something they tend to protect it.  The level of protection varies depending on the amount they value the item.  In my case, my faith, was as important as the air I breath.  This was all I had at the time. I could not handle a crisis of belief. Not at that time.

So why did I not pray this prayer?  Quite simply… FEAR.  Was this fear rational, no.  But the potential cost was not something I would dare take a chance on.  When fear grips you as much as it had a hold on me, you begin to accept ideas(sometimes called agreements) that develop as the line between the truth and lies gets blurry.  The further inside your head you go, the harder it is to find your way out.  We’ll discuss finding your way out in greater detail later.

From this, I learned to ask one question, what lies am I believing which set themselve up against the Word of God?