When Surrender Means Going

by Craig Booker

As I have started exploring more about what it means to surrender, I have discovered that surrendering to God has many layers. When I began my journey in following Jesus, surrender was mainly about recognizing the human condition. So I realized my need for Jesus, I understood how I fall short without Him, and I responded accordingly by committing my life to living for Jesus. This was and still is the most important step in embracing surrender as a believer. But as every believer grows closer to God, they will soon discover there are other layers of surrender. As a believer navigates along this path of surrender, God will inevitably call you to believe in His Plan, belief in His goodness, and yield all control to Him and Him alone.

Why Go?

Understand that God wants to do things in and through you that are only possible by taking us places. When we get out of our comfort zone in order to pursue the Will of God, it is here where we are most malleable. It might be like Abram whom God called to leave his country, his family and go to a place yet to be announced (Genesis 12:1 NIV.) God might call you to, in faith, go like Gideon to save Israel from the Midianites in Judges 6:14 NIV. In 1 Samuel 23:1-5, God called David to go to the town of Keilah to take a stand against the Philistines. It might be like in Matthew 28, where Jesus called His disciples to Go and make disciples.

Believing in God's Plan

God's call for you to "go" might look vastly different. There is a good chance wherever He calls you to go, it will require you to believe in His plan. And while this idea is easy on paper, in reality it just might require a stretch in your faith. Many times God's timing does not measure up to our expectations of the "appropriate" time to do something. Often times God's nudge to go will come with very little details. For a detailed example, read Genesis 12:1 where God called Abram to "go."

Believing in God's Goodness

Inevitably, there will be a time when God calls you to go which just does not add up. There are times in life when our circumstances have taken their toll on us. We barely have what it takes to keep our head above water. We are struggling just to hang on to the little microscopic seed of hope that we have. It is here where God gives us the call to go and we just do not know if we can at this point. It is here where we must believe in the goodness of God. It is here where one follows God purely based on faith in God's goodness.

Yielding All Control

When we agree to go where God sends us, internally we realize we are relinquishing all control. Perhaps this is why we hesitate so much. Even though we might realize how little control we actually have, the decision to yield all control to Jesus is a big one. This requires true buy-in to God's plan and to God's goodness on a level most are not comfortable with. Many times God will call us to surrender and we must consciously, in faith make the decision to go.

So regardless of where God calls you to "go," take some time to consider what it means for you to believe in God's plan, believe in his goodness, and yield all control to Him. These steps are never easy, but they are essential to effectively following where God calls you to "go."

Published on 2020-01-28